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Candida Crewe 17 June 9: Laura Freeman 22 April 9: Cosmo Landesman 15 April 9: Candida Crewe 25 March 9: Melissa Kite 25 February 9: Unexpectedly re-available is a very good phrase. I have often seen it applied to house advertisements and thought how fabulously…. Hugo Rifkind 26 November 9: Many years ago, when I was a mere slip of a features journalist, I spent a weekend learning how to….

Ariane Sherine 19 November 9: Dating apps encourage their users to pair off by looks. Candida Crewe 24 September 9: Martin Vander Weyer 10 September 9: In the post-Brexit landscape whose shape was barely glimpsed in G20 discussions at Hangzhou, one thing is clear: Mary Killen 11 June 9: Candida Crewe 11 June 9: What I want is a lovely, funny man.

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What I get is a portly and pompous Donald Trump fan. Tom Hollander 4 June 9: Ariane Sherine 28 May 9: James Delingpole 2 April 9: Now the kids are back for the school holidays, I have a licence to watch complete trash again. Candida Crewe 26 March 9: Mary Killen 19 March 9: Mary Wakefield 27 February 9: Sometimes I sit my nieces down and treat them to tales of dating in the dark ages, before iPhones arrived…. Could you sleep with someone who voted for Brexit? How can I face the friends who warned me that my girlfriend would dump me?

Men who overshare are not seductive Candida Crewe 22 September 9: My new boyfriend is too short.

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You can browse your feed for posts, play the games, and message other members. You may edit your profile later to provide more insight into who you are.

Members can send messages to others even without a premium membership. Your daily matches isn't the primary thing on your homepage. Instead, it's the feed which is constantly updated by posts from everyone or just your friends, depending on how you set your preferences. The matching process is in a different tab that you have to explicitly look for. Even then, your matches aren't based on any algorithm. It's based on your search criteria which is composed of:.

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The profile pictures can be animated GIFs which you can download anywhere on the internet. The Skins, available within the website or you can create your own , can change your header, background, font, paragraph headings, and more. The skins have categories of. The premise of this feature is unique, but that's because no one has utilized this style since the downfall of Friendster many years ago. Moving GIFs as backgrounds look distracting, and brightly-colored fonts are just downright tacky.

Member Structure

The app has more of a dating service feel than the website. In the app, the "Meet Me" feature is the main highlight whereas in the website the games seemed to be the priority. Also, the app is better designed than the website. The customizable profiles with "skins" are disabled in the app. When you view someone's profile, you'll find the standard font and a clean, white background. The functions, which were jam-packed on the homepage of the website, are properly arranged in the app.

It has over 10 million downloads.

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I mostly use it for fun. It's a great place to waste time without feeling like I'd be judged because I'm playing against fellow adults. Never really got a date there but that's not what I use the site for. Kind of a turn off but again, I'm not here to look at profiles.

The website's features are crowded and organized without a thought as to which one would be the members' main purpose. The presence of games makes it feel less like an online dating website and more like a social network for people of all ages. On the main page you are bombarded with potential matches, pets you should buy on the game, and a feed with constant updates from members.

It can get overwhelming. The posts and photos dangerously lean towards pornographic, which is worrying because there are a lot of minors on this site.

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The website's censorship and overall monitoring seems very lax. You can cancel your subscription through the website itself under "Account" or through the iOS and Android app stores. The premium subscription lets you see who viewed your profile, when your message was read, and get priority customer service report. You can buy Gold the in-app currency to access more features in the Pets game. Pets is a game that lets you buy and sell other members. You yourself can be bought and sold too. You start off with a value of about 12 million Qd the currency in the game.

You can buy other members for the price of 0. As you buy more pets, your value increases and you get cash bonuses. Those are the basics. It's a buy-and-sell trade game, and your value only really decreases if you become inactive in the game.

LUV are technically "gifts" that you can give and receive from someone. Each user gets 10 LUV everyday. Every time you give and receive LUV, you'll earn points. For each LUV you receive, the bar underneath your photo in your profile increases. The fuller the bar, the more LUV you've received from various members. You basically get bragging rights and show everyone else how popular and loved you are in Tagged. Tagged acquired Hi5 in The two sites are separate platforms, but they share the same features and users.

There are various reasons: And Tagged cancels these accounts based on their sole and exclusive discretion. You might have violated their Terms of Services.

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Contact their customer service team or create a new account entirely. On the top menu, select Account, then click on Settings. On that page you'll find "Cancel Account"; follow the instructions, provide your password, and you're done. Go to your profile page. To the left of your profile photo, select Edit Profile. Select Basic Info, then change your display name.

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Pets is a game that lets you "own", "buy", and "sell" other members. The fun lies in competing with your friends to see who can gain the highest value. Read more about it in our Special Features. Select Basic Info, then change your location. You can easily reactivate your account just by logging back in to Tagged with your old email and password. You will receive an email titled "Reactivate Your Tagged Account".