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Growth in computing facilities accompanied business growth and the bank grew increasingly international. Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas merged in with the Compagnie bancaire of Jacques de Fouchier, who continued to establish innovative subsidiaries in insurance Cardif, and brokerage Cortal After a short period of nationalisation in following the shift in politics in France, Paribas which adopted the name in and then BNP were privatised in and BNP teamed up with five other banks in to create the carte bleue bank card, the first payment card in France. The introduction of automated teller machines in offered clients a range of new services such as account viewing and a log of recent operations.

BNP became the official sponsor of the Roland-Garros tennis championship in The partnership has subsequently been extended to all of the sport and includes major events such as the Davis Cup.

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Emergence of an international leader to face the challenges of the digital revolution and a changing world. Acquisitions have significantly enhanced its strong European presence: During the global financial meltdown that began in , BNP Paribas was one of the very few large banks to post profits uninterruptedly thanks to risk controls, carefully considered and balanced acquisitions and business drive.

Regulatory constraints arising from the financial meltdown have imposed adaptations significant increase in own funds, separate operations in financing and investment banking which the Group can embrace whilst continuing to serve its clients. The early years of the 21st century also heralded the digital challenge for banking.

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Although BNP, Paribas and Compagnie bancaire had pioneered the change into multi-channel banking, the increasing pace of digitisation worldwide, growing mobility in client usage and the emergence of new players all require an increasingly reactive bank. This was the reasoning behind the establishment of Hello bank! Currency dematerialisation can be seen in the introduction of Paylib online payments competing with PayPal that has the benefit keeping bank details in the bank and contactless payments. BNP Paribas uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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About the Group History: We invite you to share in our story and explore our archives to learn more about our constantly changing world. Banking is not a risk-free endeavour, especially not in the 19th century. This was the first time a French bank set up a branch network abroad from nothing. BNP Paribas is perpetuating the tradition today with a presence in over 80 countries.

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The building boasted the latest technical innovations at the time. The forerunners of BNP Paribas expand and reinvent themselves despite crises. Banking innovations made their appearance in France: Jacques de Fouchier, a brilliant and imaginative financier, set up Cetelem, which financed the first consumer loans in In transmitting this document, you certify to own it and to hold the property rights needed for their use. Thank you for indicate the origin of the documents and give us any information you consider relevant to its understanding.

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