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In Australia, a society which values individual autonomy, there is nothing untoward in a person dating numerous potential partners with a desire to see if they are compatible with each other on a personal and physical level. People may get hurt in the process and experience debilitating break-ups or demoralizing rejections.


But there is no straight path to finding a compatible partner. These experiences are just part and parcel of trying to find the right one. On the other hand, what is common and acceptable in the West is frowned upon in the East, and this is because it is considered to be in breach of community norms and religious instructions. This is particularly pertinent to Coptic women. It is an unfortunate fact that Coptic men and women are treated differently.

Coptic men in Australia have been in intimate relationships or have played the field and, from my experience, no one bats an eyelid. Coptic women are however expected to remain chaste and are considered less desirable if they are not.

Coptic Views on Dating

This is so even though the biblical edicts concerning the prohibition on sexual immorality apply equally to men and women. Families are more likely to scrutinize the actions of their daughters than their sons. To be clear, I am not suggesting that men and women are on an equal footing in Western society. How a sexually liberal person is perceived or viewed in the West does in some respect depend on their gender. But, to put it bluntly, it not uncommon for intimate relationships to occur outside of marriage. This tension inevitably creates a conundrum.

Putting aside those who are for all intents and purposes, Westernized, Coptic men and women are left with a problem where there is a small pool of potential partners because of the enduring cultural differences between Copts and non-Copts in the West. While I am aware of successful interracial relationships, I am also aware of unsuccessful interracial relationships.

Is Dating a Sin?

The success or failure of those relationships depends on a range of factors but it is essential that there is a degree of commonality of values, and that each party is willing to compromise on their values where there is a clash between cultures. Usually people willing to experiment with long-term interracial relationships are likely to be more educated.

But in contrast to the liberal Australian culture, Coptic culture is a traditional culture and educated people those more inclined to consider interracial relationships tend to be more socially progressive. This augments the difficulty of finding someone outside of the Coptic faith because Coptic values may be off-putting to non-Coptic women brought up in Australia.

I have no doubt Coptic men and women in Australia have been interested in non Coptic partners but, because of a divergence of values and perspectives with their prospective or actual partner, found the road to a relationship far too difficult and have resigned themselves to pick someone from within their community. The regrettable fact is that, unlike in Egypt, there are not that many Copts in Australia. The possibility of settling for someone increases in such a paradigm, which is problematic. Accordingly, it is not implausible to posit that our values, steeped in community tradition and religion, have the potential to be a disabling, rather than constructive, force.

Individuals with no religious or cultural inhibitions are more likely to be experienced in relationships and make informed decisions about their future long-term partner based on pragmatic considerations. On the other hand, Copts that adhere to traditional values enter into long term relationships based merely on a hope that certain things fundamental to a successful relationship would work out, particularly if they are inexperienced in dating and relationships.

Moreover, can two people truly make an assessment that they love someone to the extent that they wish to spend the rest of their lives with them in an environment which is not conducive to long-term relationships before marriage and where people are driven to marry to meet familial and cultural expectations? You probably know them I Kissed Dating Goodbye Most relationships are based on gossip and sexual pleasure. In the end you will run out of people to talk about and get bored of the pleasure thus leaving the relationship as a waste of time.

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Dating shouldn't be allowed at a certain age.. It is when you are ready.. Again, you should ask your FoC if you are ready. And the First Book i mentioned, also talks alot about this, especially commitment I'm a 22 year Old man I'm getting my life together to settle down I always tell people its best to be friends before anything, thus throughout the relationship the significant other is your best friend before anything It is usually easier to follow the stream than to stand against it, especially at a young age.

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Dating can also be practiced mentally only, when the young adult spends hours a day dreaming with all kinds of sexual thoughts even when he is physically alone It is an outing or a meeting between two persons from the opposite sex and frequently leads to physical intimacy or even pre-marital sex. Dating is usually for the sake of having fun in a very temporary relationship driven by peer pressure.

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Teenagers think that this is the way to prove their maturity especially when they are in a transition from childhood to adulthood. There is no projected goal or sense of responsibility toward the opposite sex in such a relationship. It also indicates the egocentricity of these relationships since the person cares only for his physical, social and ego satisfaction without caring for the consequences of such relationship on the opposite sex. Definitely, this kind of relationship is devoid of the true Christian love,which resembles the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to us.

The love that gives and sacrifices without asking for what is for itself John Consequences of these Relationships Pre-occupation with the physical aspect of the opposite sex.

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  • Daydreaming and decreased concentration during studying and school leading to poor performance and results. Pre-occupation with own physical appearance and dress in unsuitable clothing to emphasize the body features.

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    Inappropriate behavior in the presence of the opposite sex to attract attention and to gain acceptance from peers. The most important and the most serious consequence is neglecting and ignoring the adolescent spiritual and inner growth. Choose your friends carefully and surround your self with believers Proverbs Give equal care to your spiritual growth as you give to your body. Spiritual growth is achieved through prayers, church meetings and Bible reading.

    Discover the energies in your adolescence that can be directed towards the service in the church and others.

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    Guard your senses including your eyes, ears, smell and touch against temptation Proverbs 4: Flee from unspiritual environment and surroundings Proverbs 7: Never think that you are strong and will not be affected by bad company or bad surroundings.