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It's true he did get into the Girls Generation van, he said, but it was an honest mistake. The minute he got in, he realized his mistake. When asked if Seohyun was the type of girl he liked, the singer-actor did admit to reacting positively to her, but said he was also just trying his best for the show. He has no regrets for turning the role down even though "The Heirs" was a ratings hit and "Future's Choice" did not do so well. I see the same hair on so many "flower" actors and models and their wannabes. At first, I admired the intricate cut and its effect on the size of face by making it seem smaller.

But now, I am getting bored. To me, it looks more like a hat or a mask that you put on. He is an extremely gifted musician and singer who is enjoyable to watch in anything that maybe a concert, variety show, drama etc. He probably has a massive crush on her and loves working with her. Seriously, did they go out to cast Jung Yong-hwa or did his side take the initiative to ask for a role for him? I think it's the latter. The writer personally requested his cameo in AGD because she liked him.

Jung Yong-hwa cast opposite Park Shin-hye again, seriously » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

He is there because the writer pushed his apperance in the drama. I'm so conflicted as to whether or not I'll watch this drama. I just don't love dramas written by Kim eun sook but Did y'all notice that a year has to go by for them to re-unite again -You're Beautiful -You've Fallen for me -Heirs - see you guys in your next drama together. Feeling pretty meh about the casting although they look adorable together.

I think you have discovered the secret plot It really is not going to help kill the rumour mills. I am sure people are starting to think: I like your theory! XD Making a drama together every other year is the only legit way to get some couple time in.. I heard the rumor Jung Yong-hwa was going to be in this drama long before Park Shin-hye ever signed on. Once she did become the lead I have just been waiting for the confirmation that he signed on too, it was only a matter of time. This article did not surprise me on bit, in fact it took longer than I thought to hear he was officially in.

I would actually not be surprised if this were the case Jung Yong-hwa thinking about it before Park Shin-hye was attached since he did cameo in A Gentleman's Dignity. I figure the writer likes C. Waiting for her to try getting Min-hyuk and Jung-shin too. As for watching the drama, I'll wait and see.

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I'll put some hope on the writer for a well-written character and the director to make his acting work as well. If they can pull off something similar to the directing for Lee Jun-ki in Arang and the Magistrate which gave him that intensity so many of us loved even just a little, I'll probably be happy. Although, that being said - I think Jun-ki has the experience necessary to make good use of a director's suggestions. I'll wait and see if the combined effort is enjoyable.

Park Shin-hye's past dating rumors with Lee Min-ho, Jung Yong-hwa

They are not two people I would have put together for potential bromance, so its going to be interesting to see how they get along on screen. I am going into it positive. It would not be something to take seriously, it would be a drama you watch for giggles and I like that. Actually I was hoping they would sort of make a drama like this.

This was just the perfect drama I came up with in my head. There are still two boy spot left to be cast, so let me start my rain dances and finger crossing now. Bride and Groom in Real Life i guess, lol. Why can't it be College Students? Anyway, college studes are sometimes also still like highschoolers anyways goofy, serious and not serious in studying and I think there are a lot of college students who experienced first love also during that period. Honestly, its probably just because they like putting everyone in uniforms.

People and their fetishes With his age, I think his character will be rebellious repeater senior, rich spoiled kid. Then one day a poor but feisty girl with a mushroom haircut cycles past. LMH takes one look at her, yells "Jan Di! So he jumps in the pool to escape and when he hits the water he has memories of an alternate life and lifestyle in a lovely traditional home. You know even if this drama sucks to the core, am pretty sure the community vibe here is gonna be so fun!!!

park shin hye and jung yong hwa when they were dating !

LMH I am very disappointed in you though! On his way to their honeymoon with Jan Di , Gu Jyun Phyo enters timetravel portal and there is shin woo with go may Nam with their leader lost, so they think they should be together because we are hot together. We will make another fan strike.

Heartstrings was a college setting - that was a pretty resounding flop when it aired. A college setting done well was 'What's Up'. Frankly, I see more of a problem for Lee Min Ho here with this type of drama. City Hunter placed him perfectly to jump solidly to total leading man territory and then his lackluster acting in Faith really pushed him backwards.

I'm hoping that this drama doesn't have the high school setting throughout the entire storyline maybe it transitions to when they graduate or something or it takes place when they are older with significant flashback scenes like in 49 Days or something. The casting is probably done so they can market this drama abroad like to Japan , since all three of them are pretty famous in other Asian countries.

I wouldn't be surprised if the second female lead turns out to be some idol like from Kara or something. Completely agree that they shouldn't be cast as high school students.. There are plenty of up and comers for high school stories like this, without having to cast actors who have been playing adults. And I'd heard previously that this was a college setting. So that's the breaking news -- that it's yet another high school drama -- that has me sad.

What is the block on college-dramas? Do Korean college students not shenanigan? I agree with everyone else This show will leave itself wide open for ridicule of the worst sort if they make a bunch of mid 20 year olds try to look like high school students! How gullible do they expect the audience to be?

We are not, thank you very much! So true and another thing that bothers me. These 20 something year olds are supposed to be in higschool and doing stuff that are obviously not very high-school like so why not as well make em in college? Trying to appeal to the younger generation i guess.

zuxiburtufun.tk And there are so many young star their age, like Go Kyung pyo, for example, I actually want to write Kim Woobin, but he's busy with Friends 2 , why Yonghwa? The good part about them is that they stay true to themselves first remaining unaffected with the rumors. Really commendable considering the onslaught of the articles in the recent past.

I agree that they fit well but we don't know what's cooking in KES 's mind.

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Maybe, there still is some casting left and we get to see them or others. There are still few months left. Dramaland is so persistent, huh? As a fan of both I actually oppose this. I cannot accept that YH will be the second lead and third wheel again. And if this two really in a relationship then it will ruin lee minho and PSH chemistry in the drama. I dont jniw how to digest this news.

Its actually bitter sweet. YongHwa really love Shinhye to make him join this drama. I hate the fact that kdramas always have the first lead, second lead formula it's so annoying. Why can't we just have a storyline where the audience can't predict who will end up together change things up. I am actually looking forward to this. Bae Yong Joon was the 2nd lead, and he is with the female lead. I guess she likes to keep her boyfriend employed in acting roles. LMH looks way too old to be a high school student. This is going to be another lee min ho drama I can't finish isn't it?

Yes Yong why why why If Writer Kim wanted him , I guess he would think it wouldnt be wise to turn her down. But still I'm disappointed. I'm hoping he would just concentrate on his music. Then when Personal Preference came out, gave up in ep 3. Then when City Hunter came out, gave up by the time I hit ep Then when Faith came out, gave up on ep 5.

The fate of LMH on the small screen for me. That sounds exactly about how I watched his dramas. Though props to you to getting to ep. I'm not that strong. XD I had to try. It was like bad juju watching LMH acting. He's good looking but not good to look at when it comes to acting. Why this pairing again??? Park shin hye said she's tired of the dating rumor, but then said she's in contact with JYH I agree with you I want to see yonghwa act with another actres I'm tired about their dating rumor Actually, I just cannot understand the "bashing" that goes each time a casting with popular artists are announced.

These are all acting according to the characters that are scripted for them. They just bring them alive according to the director's, writer's and their own abilities. Without even seeing a single episode how can some people go after the cast with their extreme viewpoints, assumptions and judgements.

I would just wait and see for at least the first episode to be aired. I'd give you a round of applause if I wasn't typing, and I think more people need to at least consider this viewpoint. It just show he appreciates and admires her.


It's not like he kissed in public lol or say I love you right? She does kakaotalk and texting with him though.

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  • Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye are dating? K-fans think so - K-POP, K-FANS.

They admit it a few times I don't believe they are dating either tbh, but she really keeps it LOW with yong unlike her other anjell friends. I have to agree. But in recent cnblue chat session with fans in naver, a fans used username seohyun to chat with them. I doubt they're dating tough, but maybe cnblue korean fans know maybe he likes her But I doubt there's something goin on between them, because seohyun's not interested in dating.

She never keep it low with yonghwa. She used to mention them before, like when she watch yonghwa cameo on AGD, she upload the pic when yonghwa appear on agd and said "you appear! You never gonna watch their interaction on twitter cause cnblue twitter is used only for fans. They never replied any of fans mention He doesn't seem the type to date someone in the limelight though imo. He seems like he'd be into the down to earth and modest type kinda like himself idk. PSH is gorgeous though so if they date then he has good taste lol. Why does everyone think their dating? Nah I mentioned the flower thing cuz you said "If they indeed dating, he'd never do that for her sake: PSH is the most down to earth and modest though lol That's what she is known for: And she is an actress so he def has good taste.

I dont know which one you talk about. I found nothing on akp. Yonghwa's always have clean image and no past scandal, so the only topic that could stir the fans is dating rumors ofcourse. He's a friendly person who can get close to anyone easily. I guess cnblue fans never care about this rumors. If other famous idols has dating rumors going on, even if they knew it's true, the fans always try to defend their idol by saying they're not dating bla bla bla, Oppa's not dating anyone etc. Or they already know it's not true at all, they don't even bother to defend Yonghwa.

I dunno about their relationship since I don't live around them. So I don't get shock when read this article. Actually that's not the matter. PSH is an actress whom I should enjoy her drama. And Yong Hwa is an idol whom I should enjoy his music. I mean, let focus on their project. And btw, If this is true that they're dating then what's the problem? I don't see any. So why keep arguing about this? Wow why people even think that he dates her O. Now let's only support the boy and his talent: I like NB bc she is fair and have good sense of judgement: It's not like NB confirm that they're dating.

NB just post what netizen said. No need to argue btw. I believe you Yonghwa oppa I don't care if you're dating or not, I will always support because you have the talent and the sweetest personality ever. Your future girlfriend is one lucky girl! Whoever who deny or try to say something bad about this couple absolutely is a goguma or a keunshin shipper. No body except them hate this couple.

Even boice a real one seems okay with this couple yep. They say that if this is true then it's okay since they know that PSH supports Yonghwa from zero to hero. And the fact that Yonghwa happy is the most important thing to them. So, just please let this two lead their own relationship. You may matchmaker them wif other idol but just stop hate one of them just because this stupid thing called ship.

I mean, no need to say "they're just friend" "they'll never ever dating each other" "yonghwa loves seohyun" "park shin hye used to have a relationship with keun suk". Do you even know them personally to say such things? To be honest, I can see them going as far as getting married in the future lol. Their personalities make me think they'll go far with their relationship Maybe they dated and broke up PSH and she is the inspiration of the new album! Because that album is full of heartbreaking stuff and it was mostly written by YH!

The way she denied their dating rumors was kinda cold too at least subs were! But either way, whoever YH her or Seohyun or neither, they are both pretty ladies! I'm a fan of both and I actually think they are cute together. But if they denied it, whether because they truly aren't dating or because they just want to keep it secret, I will respect that answer. Let's just focus on their work. People said there is not smoke without fire right? I'm not saying it's real, I'm just pointing out the difference.

And I think Caligula is a troll or a Yongseo who is here to make Yongshin fans look back. Both have been doing great now and I'm happy about it. If both are happy with what they have right now, then let's just leave it at that. She just simply translates what netizens believe and say And Shinhye said that she'd not admit it unless she is getting married..

As her fan, I know she keep her personals low and private It doesn't matter if they are dating or not. She likes to keep it for herself She isn't cold heart She is firm and smart though And lol he doesn't need a lady to compose his song. He has done it before debut or any time he had Shippers need to stop that There are many inspirations beside your own experiences Don't you notice CNBlue get better stage performance after getting into acting?

I think they have mentioned it a few time too yet shippers can't stop talking about the girl in his songs. He doesn't need a girl friend to compose lol, right? I'd not believe in this unless they have proofs but netizens have been so good at this I do believe that yonghwa and shinhye's relationship is special though. She is his very first female celebrity friend and online partner and has helped him from zero to hero However, fans shouldn't think too much about every little thing and bash others No one really know that except psh and yh themself.

It's just one of many speculations. I read those "proofs" that you translated. The only kind of picture worth release are picture of them kissing or signing marriage registration. I hope the media will just leave them alone. YH and PSH's lives are already so public so let them keep this private n personal. They didn't even kiss the entire time. Or even hold hands. I was watching them the whole season and just getting so bored It didn't help that they were on WGM at the same time as Ga-in and Jo Kwon, who actually sorta worked as a couple in a really Even their "wedding photos" were really boring http: First off I never bashed anyone nor am I a shipper!

I never said she was cold-hearted I said the way the Eng subs on the taxi show that I watched made it seem she was being cold! It was just the way the translator subbed the show on the version I seen! I'am a Yonghwa fan so of course I know how special their relationship is, and I also know about how the songs doesn't necessarily relate about his life! I was joking about the dating and break up didn't you see the part where I said either way which ever girl it is or not they are both pretty?!

YH own efforts and hard work has brought him from zero to hero, but yes I do agree she was his first female celebrity fan! I'm not saying you basing lol, just shippers in general they do that a lot Please read carefully LOL. It's not like they aren't popular. It's Nana and Lizzy, they named him their ideal type before on a radio show.

Sunye once named him too in a show back in So happy for her now that she's married , then the other actress in Iris not Kim Tae Hee , Dasom from Sistar wants to have a duet with him and Bora was captured ogling at him in SBS con in LA the pics of that was really cute and funny at the same time and recently Sunny Hill's SeungAh named him her ideal type too.

I probably missed out some but these are the ones I remember. Youtube is full of BTS of their dramas where they are all "friendly" and everything. Someone's pressed because Korea doesn't care about their OTP. I know Yongseo fans are itching to have Yongseo rumor too but then the media and k-netizen obviously doesn't even suspect them to be dating, it was so obvious there's nothing romantic between the two. I don't ship these two but I'd reaaally love to see those delusional gogumas going berserk if these two are really dating. I 've just followed Korean dramas and musics for six months,I like yong hwa from HS and cn blue 's song.